First Impressions

15 Ways to Trick People Into Thinking You Have Your S#*! Together

Men in suits giving a thumbs up

A few years ago I saw this funny list of ingenious ways to trick your guests into thinking you have your $#*! together, and I remember it each year as the holiday season approaches. With holiday sales and new year resolutions coming up, your business may be expecting more visitors than usual! So here are 15 ways to trick people into thinking you have your business S#*& together!

Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

Recently I worked on a website for one of my favourite clients. It was last updated years ago when most small businesses didn’t use “responsive” websites. She decided to hold off back then, but it’s necessary these days. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, a responsive website responds. It adjusts depending on the device it’s …

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Be Your Own Detective

As a small business owner or solo professional, you’ve got many processes and procedures in place, not to mention lots of outwardly facing marketing things, like your LinkedIn profile and your website. Over time, it’s easy to look at them without really seeing them. That can be a problem, particularly as your business evolves. With that …

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