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Have You Got PMS?

person leafing through a calendar

In school, I had a different notebook for every subject with its own to-do list. On top of that, I had separate to-do lists for hobbies and even my chores. While I felt hyper-organised, I kept missing due dates, consistently ran late and always forgot to do the dishes. This method wasn’t working because I …

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My Favourite Free Resources

woman using laptop in library

As a Virtual Assistant focusing on business software, I easily get drawn in by Shiny Object Syndrome. I often see this common problem in my clients’ businesses, too, and you’ve probably had some form of it yourself! There are so many genuinely amazing tools, and we want them all! We’ve all noticed that this can …

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Workload

I know, that you know, you’re busy. You’re probably using evenings and weekends to catch up. If long hours are becoming more of a habit than an exception, it’s past time to fix it! How to work less when there’s so much to do Your instinct might be to buckle down and squeeze more out …

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Untangling Your Messy Calendar

Keeping appointments and deadlines in a calendar is essential. Without one, unless you’ve got a fabulous memory (I don’t), things go bad quickly! Unfortunately, many people still struggle with electronic calendar setup. This is how it usually happens: They have a job before they start their business, and they use a calendar associated with their personal …

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